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We take care of all the complicated tasks other than creative activities, such as contracts, negotiations, sales activities, publicity, and taxation. We also assist in gathering materials and ideas necessary for creative activities, and are conscious of creating an environment where creators and artists can concentrate on their creative work and create better works. In addition, we work closely with each artist in terms of strategy, such as where and how to show their work in the most attractive way, how to expose it effectively so that it can be seen by many people, and their future prospects.
Affiliated Creators and Artists (As of 2021)
Eisaku Kubonouchi (Manga artist, illustrator)
QUESTION No.6 (Illustrator)
Miori Nagashima (Calligrapher)

For Advertising Agencies and Corporations
Bookings and Arrangements

We propose illustrations and designs in line with the project, including visual images and illustration works required by production companies and corporations. We work with the artists (illustrators, manga artist/cartoonists, and designers) we propose, from production progress to delivery, and even when multiple artists or works are needed, we take on the work as a single point of contact.


Taiwan has a national policy of producing IP and licenses such as design rights, design brands, characters and contents to the world. Although Japanese content and characters have always been popular in Taiwan, “Taiwanese originals” have been steadily produced over the past few years and are beginning to gain popularity both in Japan and overseas. Another characteristic of Taiwan is that online marketing is the mainstream from micro-transactions rate on smartphone applications and the normalization of SNS is extremely high, and companies are actively adopting viral marketing using SNS.
When developing products and services in Taiwan, it is effective to take measures that are in line with Taiwanese trends, such as collaborating and cooperating with popular local characters and contents, and we are assisting in these kinds of developments. Meanwhile, in the area of product design, young designers and creators with overseas experience are releasing Taiwanese original brands and products one after another. We are involved in the dissemination of information on the latest Taiwanese original designs and products, new culture, food, clothing, and housing, and support for their expansion into Japan.
Taiwan IP Overseas Expansion Project sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan Government&br;Advisor for "FRESH TAIWAN" Japan Development 2017

Taiwan IP Overseas Expansion Project sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan Government
Advisor for "FRESH TAIWAN" Japan Development 2017

As an advisor, we provided support for business promotion, sales activities, license agreements, and exhibition participation for Taiwanese animation and content characters in their overseas expansion.
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We manage the secretariat of the International Comic Festival TOKYO, which brings together manga artists and manga works from Japan and abroad. The International Comic Festival has been held at COMITIA every autumn since 2012, introducing American comics, bandes dessinées, and other foreign comics to Japan. It is an event with a rich international atmosphere where more than 100 artists from more than 50 countries and regions around the world exhibit and sell their works, as well as stage programs featuring talk sessions and live performances by representative Japanese manga artists and other famous overseas artists. From 2018, the event will be held in KITAKYUSHU, the city of manga.
manga festa


KitaQ Comic AiR, is a unique program supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs and co-hosted by KITAKYUSHU City, is an artist-in-residence program for manga artists and manga creators. Various creators involved in manga from around the world are invited to participate in this program.&br;The program is supported by local volunteer language staff, students, and companies. The artists who have participated in the program so far will never forget about working hard on their creative activities as if they were living in KITAKYUSHU, and experiencing the culture and warmth of the city through the staff and fans involved.
manga festa


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