Eisaku Kubonouchi / new works delivery

This service delivers newly drawn and selected artworks by Eisaku Kubonouchi to your home. The artworks are mainly line drawings to fit in any room. You can also purchase the artworks you like. Artworks will be delivered once every two months.
Examples of artworks

The content you get in the first set

  • 1 artwork and selected by Eisaku Kubonouchi

  • A certificate of the print (signed by Eisaku Kubonouchi)

  • You can choose the color of the frame for the first artwork. You can choose from three different colors for the frame. (*See "Picture Frame Size and Specifications" at the bottom of this page)

  • Only the first artwork (printed paper) will be sent in the frame.

The content you get from the second and subsequent sets

  • Print and certification of artworks (From the second time onwards, we ask the customer to put the artwork (printed paper) in the frame yourself. The framing process is very simple.)

* You can use the reuse the frame we sent you from the first time for the second and subsequent works.

* We ask that you return your artwork and certificate in exchange for a new one. (Please hand them over to delivery driver.)

* Artwork will be delivered once every two months.

Picture Frame Size and Specifications

There are two types of frames A and B, please click the images below for the details.
A Ivory
B Pink
B White

About the artworks and the picture frames you can purchase

You can also purchase the artworks that we have delivered or past works that you like. If you would like to purchase them, please contact us. Also, we have a wide range of frames to match the mood and size of your work. Click here for frames.

Monthly Cost

13,750 yen/month

Art work is delivered every two months (six times a year), and the payment is monthly.

* This price includes monthly shipping charges and tax.

* Shipping to Hokkaido, Okinawa and other remote islands will incur an additional charge.

About the prints

We deliver high-quality prints and high-quality paper that is closest to the original.
We use the finest fine art paper made by Canson; a French company founded in 1557. It has been used by artists such as Delacroix, Degas, Rodin, Matisse, Klee, Chagall, Miro, and Warhol.
The artwork will be printed at "AFLO ATELIER", the first print lab in Japan to be certified by Canson Infinity, they will process the prints and deliver them with a certificate.

Regarding Company Contracts

A separate plan is available for corporate customers. You can decorate offices, stores, waiting rooms, reception rooms, and other places where many people visit. We also offer an option for corporate customers to set up an invoice-based payment method and choose the number of pieces to be displayed each month. Please contact us for more details.


  • Please note that the artwork cannot be resold or used for commercial purposes. Printed works and certificates are numbered to prevent resale.

  • The works will vary from month to month, from unpublished new works to existing works.

  • We are sorry, but we do not accept any changes, advance requests, or returns of artworks sent by us.

  • When the first shipment is made, a protective sheet is attached to both sides of the acrylic, so please remove it before displaying.


We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions.
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